HTML5 video with Amazon S3

This is a test to stream video from an Amazon S3 account using simple HMTL5 code. Initially I had been testing out the viability of using Google Drive but just ran into too many problems so switched over to my Amazon S3 account. One interesting thing that I found is that in ios8 there is no preview of the video and you have to add a poster attribute.

The code used below is

<video controls=”controls” poster=”http://yourposterurl.png” width=”700″ height=”auto”><source src=”″ type=’video/mp4’/>

Alexa Rank case study

First results of my SEO experiment

Today it is 9 days since I began this SEO experiment and Alexa Rank case study. I have outlined exactly what I have done in the other posts tagged SEO, I now have traffic and my Alexa Rank has dropped significantly. All I have done is follow the simple instructions I found online through Quicksprout and a few other websites and in just over a week I have halved my Alexa number and increased traffic. Neil Patel really has some very helpful advice and I highly recommend signing up for his newsletter.

Alex Rank case study

The results so far go something like this.

January 20th 3:22pm

  • The site has nothing on it and is a clean slate.
  • I install the Alexa toolbar and check the current ranking, it’s 27,042,111.
  • I post three pictures, write some text, and add some external links.

January 21st 9:08am

  • Alexa rank jumps to 20,837,270
  • Encouraged by such a leap I post a picture (being a bit lazy), and then do some more research.
  • I install some plugins, write a blog post following as many of the guidelines from Google and Quicksprout that I can.
  • Post some video content

January 29th 3:04pm

  • I check my traffic and now I’m not the only person looking at this website. I have managed to get rid of a lot of the bad traffic I was getting, and now have a very small amount of traffic coming in, nothing to get too excited about.
  • Alexa rank is now more than halved in 9 days and currently sitting at 13,264,547

This is all very encouraging and has been extremely straight forward to do. While a ranking in the millions is nothing to write about I’m still pretty astounded at how little it took to creep my way down and build a small audience.

If you find any of this helpful please let me know in the comments below.

Russian Spy ring bust in Bronx NY

Russian spy ring bust in New York

With the news today of the Russian Spy ring bust in New York I thought I would share the story of another Russian Spy bust, one that also took place in New York back in 1987. I was lucky enough to make a trip to Washington D.C last year as a guest of Milton Stanson. He went to meet with the FBI’s historian Dr John Fox to conduct an interview in their media studio.

A Wall Street banker

Mr Stanson was a wall street banker in 1984 when he was approached by the KGB for recruitment. While he did say yes and agreed to work with them, he also got straight on the phone to the New York bureau of the FBI to tell them what had just happened. So began his journey as a controlled asset and counterintelligence agent.

Details of the bust

While I can’t go into the details of what he did during the four years he worked with his handlers, I can say that he no doubt was very successful in his mission. So successful in fact that the FBI awarded him with trophy made to look just like an Oscar, inscribed with the words “Best Clandestine Performance of 1987″. The arrest of a top level KGB agent that led to this award occurred in his private residence just off University Place. He met privately with his Russian contact in his bugged apartment, (with a camera hidden in his piano) while agents waited in the stairwell. Once secret documents and money had changed hands they charged the room and took into custody a Russian Diplomat.